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What Veterinarian do you use/recommend? 

            The Vet we use and recommend is Foothill Farms Veterinarian Clinic. Dr. Malek at Foothill cares for all of our dogs and all of our puppies through the first 8 weeks of life. We highly recommend not only Dr. Malek but all of the doctors at Foothill Farms. 

Are your dogs registered with any kennel clubs?

            Rather than doing a traditional registration for our dogs, we chose to invest our money in making sure we were breeding healthy dogs with good temperaments. All of our dogs have been DNA tested for any congenital defects (you will get a copy of their results) we don’t breed dogs that have a chance of creating pups with congenital problems. Our breeding dogs also have a full physical work up by our vet (Dr. Malek at Foothill Farms) before breeding and a temperament test by a reputable dog sitter who provides a non-biased point of view based on her observations of the dogs when we are not around. Our goal is not to provide pugs that meet some out-dated criteria that has caused many breeders to inbreed and follow other unethical practices to keep up with. 

Being registered does not guarantee the dog will be physically healthy, emotionally healthy or a good fit for your family. We choose to put our time, efforts and resources into ensuring the puppies are healthy and loved. Our goal is to let other people know the joy that comes with owning a playful, healthy pug that will complete their family like our pugs do for us.

How often do you have puppies?

            Our goal is about every 3-4 months. We choose to let all of our females have at least one cycle off between litters to ensure their well-being. Nature willing, with 4 females breeding, this usually works out.

Can I have a puppy from the current litter? How long is the waitlist?

            The answer to these questions is always changing. Sometimes we have puppies available from a current litter and sometimes they are all spoken for before they are born. We recommend that if you are interested in adopting one of our puppies you fill out our adoption questionnaire and be put on our waitlist. This way you can hold your spot in line and add preferences to what type of puppy you would like. (sex, color, etc..) Deposit is not due until you choose your exact puppy so it costs nothing to get in line.

Why do I have to wait for the puppy to be 8 weeks old to go home?


            Besides being a law in most states, it is for the health of the puppy. The first 8 weeks of the puppy’s life are crucial in development and long term health and the puppy’s mother has a great deal to do with that. We keep them that long to make sure the puppy gets everything they need from their mother before they go to their new home. We also ensure puppies are dewormed, checked out by our Vet and have all their first shots including their first parvo shot. It is important to note that the parvo shot is a series that must be completed before the puppy goes out in public.

What will my puppy come home with?

            We send each puppy home with a jar of puppy food, toy, DNA paperwork, shot record and of course a few business cards for your friends. The puppy food is to either help feed them for the first week or mix in with any new food if you decide to change brands. Puppy stomachs can be very sensitive so it is recommended to switch foods gradually. The toy we send has been with the puppy from birth so it will have the smell of their siblings and mother to help ease the transition from our house to yours. The DNA paperwork is of both parents showing all testing done including pug specific issues. The shot record shows what vaccinations the puppy has been given up to that point and should been shown to your vet so your puppy can continue their needed vaccines. The business cards are there for you to give all friends and family after they see how incredibly cute your puppy is.

What is the process of getting a puppy?

            Our process might be a little more in-depth than some breeders but our goal to is ensure a good fit and a safe home for all of our puppies. The first step is to fill out our adoption questionnaire. After we receive and process your questionnaire you will either be able to pick a puppy if one is available or you will be added to the waitlist on a first-come-first-serve basis. When put on the waitlist you have the option to choose specific traits, such as color, sex, mother, etc… or pick from the next available litter. After you pick your new puppy a $500 non-refundable deposit will need to be made and a contract signed. Finally the best part comes when you can pick your puppy up at 8 weeks old. The remaining balance will be due at pick up.

Do you offer any discounts?

            As a household of Army veterans we have a great appreciation for those who serve. To say a little thanks we offer a 15% discount for all military, first responders and medical personnel. We also offer a 50% split on the cost of any puppy package from a reputable vet. We want to ensure the well-being of our puppies and want to help you at the same time so upon proof of a puppy package we will take half of the cost of the package from the adoption fee. A puppy package is a program offered by vets for the first year of shots and well puppy visits to ensure the puppies health. If your vet does not offer one or you don’t have a vet we recommend Foothill Farms vet in Sacramento, who offer amazing care and service.

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