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The reason we ask you to fill this questionnaire out is to ensure not only our puppies, that we love so much, go to a good home but also ensure that the puppy you get will be exactly what you are looking for. Happiness of the puppy and you are paramount.

Your Name: _____________________________________________________________

Your Contact info: email________________________ Phone#_____________________

Where you live (City, State):_________________________________________________

Human Family Members and ages____________________________________________ 


Fur Family Members, breed and age__________________________________________


Why do you want a pug? Is it your first?_______________________________________


What veterinarian do you/will you use?(name and phone#)________________________


Do you understand the considerations that come with all brachycephalic dog breeds? 

Yes/no_____ If no would you like information about them? Yes/no______

What is your spirit animal?__________________________________________________

We also like to ask you to sign in agreement that if at any point you need to rehome your baby that you let us know so we can either take back the puppy or help find a new home for him or her.


Adoption Questionnaire: Text
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